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What is Digital Guidance®?

Traditionally, it is thought in the industry that only very large nonprofits can achieve Digital Transformation because only they have access to huge budgets.

But small nonprofits can also benefit from Digital Transformation using an innovative methodology called Digital Guidance®, powered by The Human Stack℠. This framework leverages one of small nonprofits’ greatest resources – the interpersonal relationships among its staff.

The Digital Guidance® framework involves investing in your existing team, using your existing system. By creating roles, rhythms, result KPIs, and a roadmap of planned changes, your team becomes more competent and confident in leveraging your existing tech systems. With this mindset shift, the team takes increased ownership of their data.

Digital Guidance results in increased staff engagement with their data and their system. This change results in increased data quality, enabling better data-driven decision-making by your Teams and data insights for Leadership. This in turn enables your team to get the most out of your tech and data in service of your organization’s goals and vision.

These are the keys to Digital Transformation, and they are now within reach of every nonprofit.

Are you a SMALL team (less than 15) and would like to learn how you can learn Digital Guidance®? Check this out!

LARGER Team?….you’re in the right place! Check out Ascendably’s services.