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Introducing Ascendably

Advising, Supporting, and Implementing Salesforce for Nonprofits

Clarity. Competence. Confidence.

We are Ascendably, and we cannot wait to start working together. Your vision is important to us. We are eager to map out the needs of your organization, and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful future. We specialize in serving nonprofit organizations that use Salesforce for program management, case management, and fundraising. 8x Salesforce Certified

Listening to You is Our Specialty

We listen to the needs of clients and make sure that we tailor an effective solution.  You never have to feel powerless again when it comes to Salesforce.  Ascendably has experience with more solutions than other partners. So we can advise a client before they pick a case management solution on which solution would be best for their specific organization’s needs, including:


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Ascendably is a Founding Member of!

Our commitment to this initiative underscores our recognition of the significant impact technology can have on society, particularly regarding extremism.

As a tech-focused business, we understand the responsibility that comes with our work. Joining demonstrates our awareness that not all outcomes rapidly advanced by technology are equal, especially in the context of U.S. extremism.

Our proactive pledge ensures that our technological advancements do not contribute to outcomes undermining democracy, liberties, and rights. utilizes the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files, specifically the Extremist Groups list, as a key metric. We are dedicated to aligning our actions with this standard to prevent unintended support for extremism in the U.S.

To our customers–we promise you–especially to those in democracy and social justice, that our applications and services will not empower those opposing your values. Internally, we are taking the threat of extremism seriously and integrating this awareness into our work.

Joining is our starting point in combating extremism. We invite fellow businesses to join us in forming a community committed to preventing extremism. Together, we can proactively integrate measures to screen for extremism in our applications, platforms, and services. Customers are encouraged to inquire about our involvement with when evaluating our software and services, empowering them to ask the same question of other businesses in their network.

Ascendably lives our solemn values in our work and within our communities. Those values include: trust, collaboration, stewardship, and sustainability. We find that is in alignment with our values, and together we will build upon the shared commitment we’ve made to our customers.

To learn more about this exciting initiative and movement, please visit

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Just 1%.....

Pledge 1%, a global corporate philanthropy movement, encourages businesses to give back by committing 1% of time, profit, product, or equity. This program facilitates corporate social responsibility, even for companies without existing philanthropy initiatives. By joining, companies access resources, case studies, and support to establish or enhance corporate giving programs, fostering employee engagement without overwhelming workloads—a valuable aspect of corporate philanthropy.

Consider committing just 5 minutes, or an average of 5 minutes daily—a mere 1% of your workday—to make a significant impact collectively. For more information, click here.

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